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While enjoying the benefits of their tastefully created barbecue one evening, Dan Elsner and two other combat veterans decided to pursue a culinary career together and share their barbecue talents and scrumptious creations with the rest of the world. After an exchange of ideas between the three vets they agreed to open a mobile catering company.

This novel idea brought them to the doorstep of the Illinois State Crime Commission, an organization that prides itself in assisting returning veterans and in the finding and identifying of employment opportunities for them.

The Illinois State Crime Commission immediately directed them to a former Marine who has received multiple awards for his assistance in many different areas of philanthropy, but particularly with veterans and needy children. Perry Mandera, a fellow Marine, and sole owner of the Custom Companies, once again provided the needed assistance to bring the dream of these returning disabled vets to a reality.

Currently, they are operating successfully as "Two Soldiers and a Marine" in their mobile food and catering business. These vets have created their own legacy by not only operating a successful business, but by setting an example for other decorated combat veterans to follow in their footsteps.

When you see their distinctive mobile food truck, easily discernible by the distinguished dress blue colors of the US Marine Corps uniform, please welcome them and engage in some of their many outstanding barbecue food creations.

Who We Are

Adm RukavinaAdam Rukavina

It was a lifelong dream of mine to be a member of the U.S. military, and after one year in the Army ROTC at Lewis University I knew I wanted a military career. In 2009 I joined the Illinois Army National Guard as an infantryman and went to basic training at Fort Benning, Georgia. After graduation I became a scout and radio operator in a recon unit, and graduated from Javelin Missile School. In 2012 I advanced to senior scout based on my training in weapons use, land navigation, reconnaissance and leadership skills. I currently am a Senior Scout and Battalion Career Counselor.

The U.S Army has turned out to be all I hoped it would be having the chance to work with so many outstanding men and women, defending the country, and learning valuable skills for life.

Daniel ElsnerDaniel Elsner

I was a freshman in high school when terrorists attacked the World Trade Center on September 11. I made up my mind that day I wanted to serve my country. Soon after graduating from high school I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and my dream became a reality. After basic training I was stationed at Camp Lejeune. I was assigned as a machine gunner to the 1st Battalion 9th Marines Weapons Company and was deployed to Ramadi, Iraq. While in Iraq I served as a turret machine gunner on the lead convoy vehicle, supervised base perimeter security, and provided perimeter security for personnel protection.

After spending a year on the All Marine Corps boxing team, I was redeployed to the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit, spent time on humanitarian relief in Haiti, and continued in various assignments fighting the global war on terror.

I am and we should all be extraordinarily proud of the accomplishments of the US Marine Corp and all of our personnel in all the service branches.

Anthony ColquittAnthony Colquitt

I enlisted in the U.S. Army in 2001 at age 17. At that point I started my life living the Army values of respect, integrity, selfless service, duty, honor, loyalty, and pride. During my four years in the Army I had the honor of serving alongside fellow soldiers, airmen, sailors and Marines from 2004-2005 in Operation Enduring Freedom Afghanistan. I also supported domestic emergency efforts during Hurricane Katrina's aftermath in 2006. What we accomplished during that period in defending the United States should make every citizen proud.

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